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  • User(s): any human or non-human entity accessing the website to browse, study, or initiate any form of relationship with the company.
  • Company: recognized as Ocean Express CR..
  • Site: understood as the online platform providing content or services accessible via the internet through web browsers. The site in question is enabled by the link ''

General Statement

These terms and conditions apply to all users of the site. Access to the site is free and does not create any commercial, contractual, or professional relationship of any kind between users and Ocean Express CR unless users decide to establish a commercial relationship with the company. However, if new sections offering specific services are added to the site in the future, Ocean Express CR may include them in this document as an additional section.

When the site includes access to testimonials for users, these may express the professional and personal opinions or thoughts of customers on a wide range of topics related to the services provided by the company. The content of these testimonials and the links included in them to other external sites will be reviewed, monitored, or approved by the company, the editor of the content of such testimonials, or the sites accessible through them. The text, as well as any other material published in them, reflects the opinion of a specific author and not the opinion of Ocean Express CR. If, for any reason, you believe that the published information is offensive, please notify the Administration at Users agree not to access or attempt to access another user's account, and not to falsify or attempt to falsify their identity while using the site or any of the systems they are permitted to access.

The user must refer to the specific conditions established for accessing and using specific services within the Ocean Express CR brand website, as detailed below.

Permission for the use of materials

As part of the user agreement with the Terms and Conditions contained herein, Ocean Express CR will provide unique and non-transferable access in the future (for those sections that require it). This is intended to create a space for expressing professional opinions about our services, and it will be reviewed as specified above.

Limitations of use

The user agrees to use the site only for legal purposes. As the user accepts the above terms, if a third party claims that any material posted on the site is illegal, the user will be responsible for demonstrating that the material in question complies with applicable laws. In addition, Ocean Express CR reserves the right to remove material from the site, block access, or take any other action regarding posted material, at its discretion, although it is not obliged to do so. The user may not use Ocean Express CR's data resources to distribute unsolicited advertising or any promotional material of any kind.


This site contains links to sites outside the Ocean Express CR domain. The respective owners of these sites are responsible for the content of their sites, and Ocean Express CR neither guarantees nor approves such content.


This site, as well as any information or services related to it, is provided 'as is', with the warranty that the information is real and relevant.

Regarding external sites, Ocean Express CR disclaims any warranty, whether express or implied, regarding the accuracy, suitability, or completeness of a site, the information obtained on it, or the link. Ocean Express CR does not guarantee that these sites will operate without interruptions or errors, or that they are free of viruses or other harmful components. The use of information obtained through these sites is at the user's own risk. In particular, Ocean Express CR will not assume responsibility for indirect, punitive, special, incidental, foreseeable, or unforeseeable consequential damages (including, but not limited to, defamation claims, errors, loss of data, or disruption of data availability) related to these terms and conditions, the use or inability to use a site, any post a user may make on the site, or the reliability of information obtained through a site.

The user is responsible for any damage and/or injury of any nature that may arise from a breach of these terms and conditions or any other applicable regulations, and as such, Ocean Express CR is released from all administrative, civil, criminal, or any other type of liability.


This site is governed by the privacy policy that complies with the data protection laws of Costa Rica. This policy can be accessed within the Support section located at the end of each section of the website.

Other Legal Aspects

This site complies with specific laws of Costa Rica, including commercial regulations and intellectual property laws.

Legal Procedures

This site, the company, and the users are governed by Costa Rican laws. Therefore, the legal procedures to be followed in case of disputes or legal issues adhere to the guidelines of the legal system of Costa Rica.


The company reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions on the site and to notify users of such modifications.


This site may contain errors or omissions in its information. Ocean Express CR reserves the right to correct these errors or omissions.